As its name suggests, Visuall Photography is all about photography.

Versatile, with the flexibility to capture a variety of styles and subjects from people and places, to products and abstract concepts, our aim is always to create visually striking images that not only make people stop and take notice, but which also resound and linger in memory.

Based in Brisbane, Visuall Photography was established in 2006 by photographer Michelle Bowden. With over 20 years experience behind the camera, encompassing commercial and advertising photography, documentary, photojournalism, and fine art photography, Michelle is a passionate photographer renowned for her creative approach, progressive visual style, and attention to detail.

Michelle first developed a passion for photography while completing a BA-Fine Arts degree, exploring experimental photography, video and audio-visual processes. She followed up with a Bachelor of Photography degree, specialising in Creative Advertising Photography, and earning a number of awards along the way. As a result, she is able to offer a creative and interpretive approach to photography, tailored to suit the subject at hand, and is also skilled in project management, concept development, art direction and product styling.